Simple to use

Millstream CMS is customised to your exact requirements to make adding new content a painless and fast process. We automate many tasks making complicated content entry a breeze.


Fully Supported

Isometric manage the entire website stack in-house – from design, development and deployment, through to hosting and system maintenance.

Since we manage everything, we have in-depth knowledge about every aspect of developing and managing your website – and any questions you need answered are only a single support request away.


Enterprise Level Hosting

Our fully redundant server farm is hosted behind load balancers split across two separate hosting facilities - all managed directly by Isometric.

We don't outsource our server maintenance and management which means we can ensure the highest level uptime and reliability.


Ongoing upgrades

Since Millstream CMS is upgraded continually and automatically deployed to clients, you'll always have the latest version – no more being stuck on insecure outdated software with complicated upgrade paths.